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Remove contents from separate envelopes. Separate the clutch from the tack, by pulling on the upper part of the clutch. The clutch slides up: it does not unscrew. The second tack is a spare and should remain in the small evelope, with the tip stuck in the small eraser. Place the tack through the prepunched hole in the plastic 8_ by 11 inch tack mount. Be sure that the point of the tack sticks out of the shiny side of the tack mount. Notice the hole in the tack mount is slightly off-center. Place the tack mount underneath the clipboard clip, flush against the vertical stops on the clip. Position the tack mount so that the tack is closer to the edge of the clipboard away from the clip. Place the Star Dial over the tack. Slide the clutch over the tack to protect your skin. Place the clipboard aside while the natal chart is placed on the 90° chart form.

After the chart is completed, punch a small hole in the center of the star on the chart form. Use a tack, pencil, compass, or other sharp object. Remove the clutch and Star Dial from the clipboard. Place the chart form over the tack, so that the Star Dial logo is near the edge of the clipboard away from the clip. Do not place the chart form under the clip until chart is aligned. Place the Star Dial over the tack. Slide the clutch over the tack.

Be sure the clipboard is on a flat horizontal surface, such as a desk or table. Rotate the Star Dial until the large black arrow is exactly aligned with the blue line passing through at the top of the chart. The chart form is properly aligned when the blue lines at 22_°, 45° and 67_°, line up with the remaining three ends of the Star Dial Cross.

Hold the Star Dial stationary and pull lightly on the ends of the chart form until this is so. The next step is to lock the chart form in this position, beneath the clipboard clip. Hold the Star Dial and chart form in the aligned position, using the right hand. Press down on the clip with the left hand. Release the clip with the chart locked beneath it, in position for accurate analysis.

The alignment procedure is necessary whenever a new chart is placed on the clipboard. It is prudent to verify the alignment, when the clipboard is left unattended for a long period of time. To prevent the tack from bending, it should be removed whenever the clipboard is being transported.

In case the edge of the chart form does not reach the clipboard clip, perform the following adjustment. Position the left thumb _ of the way down the clip, and press down raising the clip. Grip the edge of the clip with the right hand and pull upward, bending the edge of the clip outward. The chart form will now extend beneath the clip.


The Star Dial and chart form are divided into 90° rather than 360°, to identify challenging planetary aspects and planetary symmetries easily. This layout groups planets by cardinal, fixed, and mutable qualities, in separate thirds of the chart. To understand the concept of symmetry, imagine a vertical line running through the center of the human body. The ears, arms and legs are symmetrically placed about this axis. The essential theme here is equal distances from a given axis. Planetary symmetries quickly reveal basic dynamics within the individual, unlock personality characteristics sometimes hidden in the 360° chart, and dramatically increases one's ability to time events accurately. Dial techniques do not invalidate traditional astrological methods: they add a new dimension to astrological interpretation and prediction.
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