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The Additional Planets

The Uranian astrologer uses all these techniques plus eight additional "planets" in each horoscope. Have these "planets" been sighted? Is it claimed that these "planets" exist as physical bodies? The answer to both questions is no, but this is unimportant. The better questions that should be asked are, "Does the use of these 'planets' work in the horoscope?" Are astrological insights gained by the use of these "planets"? Here the answer is a resounding yes! The "planets" have been studied and used advantageously for more than seven decades. Please note that this is much longer than Pluto has been studied and used. Several of these “planets” were first postulated during World War I, predating the sighting of Pluto by 15 years.

To avoid using quotation marks around the word "planet" and to avoid using the word "hypothetical" before it, some astrologers refer to the TransNeptunian "planets" as the TNPs. Ephemerides now exist for the TransNeptunian "planets" in published form and electronically in every major software program. It is said that Alfred Witte wanted all planets, planetary pairs, and Planetary Pictures defined and described in short, precise, and keyword fashion. This tradition continues to this day. I've prepared the brief descriptions of the “planets” below for the modern astrologer. They adhere to the staccato nature of the Witte concept and expand upon and modernize the descriptions published by Hans Niggemann. The “planets” are listed in order of their presumed distance from the Sun. Each planet is named, its modern American pronunciation is shown, and some key words are given. For some of the "planets," an explanation of the glyph is presented. As with "real" planets orbiting the Sun, the Geocentric view of each "planet" shows forward and apparent retrograde motions each year. A brief summary of the orbital motions follows each description.

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